Postal Worker Dog Bites in Denver

According to statistics by the United States Postal Service, Denver ranks at number 8 on a List of the Top 30 cities for dog bites. In 2013, 41 postal workers here were injured in dog bites. The most dangerous city in the country for postal workers was Houston where 63 postal workers were bitten by dogs in the same year. If you have suffered a dog bite, speak to a Denver dog bite attorney about filing a claim for compensation.

Mail carriers may be at a high risk of a bite involving pet dogs, when they are on their daily rounds. However, preventing a dog bite involving your animal and a postal worker is easy if you take some simple precautions.

Make a note of your mail carrier’s delivery timings, and ensure that your dog is restrained safely during that period of time. If you are in the habit of letting your dog around you when you’re opening the front door, stop that habit. Dogs should never be introduced to strangers in a manner like this.

Make sure that your dog is safely secured in another room when a letter carrier comes along on his morning delivery. Ensure that there are adequate warnings posted on the property, and that there are ways for a carrier to inform you of his presence on the property.

Take steps to keep your postal carrier free from harm. If you were injured in a dog bite on someone’s property, you could possibly be eligible for a claim for compensation that will recover compensation for you. Schedule a consultation with a Denver dog bite attorney.

By: Dallas Norton

Dallas Norton, the founding partner of Norton & Bowers, has practiced law with a focus on personal injury since 1992. Mr. Norton has extensive Colorado roots including grade school in Arvada and high school in Denver. He earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School in 1991. When working on behalf of clients, Mr. Norton draws upon his extensive background in psychology and human resources.